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It really is time to reshape the way you think about marketing for property. Stop pushing. Start attracting. Stop interrupting. Start educating and by doing so engaging.

Villa Information Services International Incorporated is a marketing agency exclusive to the southern Spanish property market specializing in dealing only with Licensed Real Estate Representatives. We combine the science of Social Media marketing techniques and strategies with a mountain of local property marketing experience. Villa Information Services International Incorporated’s Internet marketing system is comprehensive and produces small targeted high net worth Prequalified Verified Property Investment Purchasers that we then make direct contact with and selectively reduce down to a smaller list that has a true interest in buying properties.

Social Media & Ad Campaigns. We use Google, Facebook, Kijiji and Craigslist to create targeted ad campaigns for our clients that increase website traffic and Prequalified Verified Property Investment Purchaser names.

We create effective social media campaigns to target people interested in our clients’ property products who are pre-educated about our clients’ property locations before the plane hits the ground.

We can determine which of our clients’ existing customers already use Social Media and which networks they belong to for quick and easy marketing communication. We tie them together with their network to subtly

We help improve our clients’ social media presence on Facebook by:
Creating a Face book fan page changing our clients’ existing profiles and inviting people from their network to join them on Facebook.
Updating our clients’ fans about new YouTube videos and product information specific to the Marbella market.

We help improve our clients’ social media presence on Twitter by:
Creating a Twitter profile and heightening our clients’ existing profiles by acquiring new followers.
Researching and discovering what people are saying about specific and relevant keywords to our clients’ industries and brands in real time.
Engaging our clients’ target audiences by talking about their business and creating a strong Social Media presence to generate quality Prequalified Verified Property Investment Purchasers.

We increase our clients’ YouTube and LinkedIn presence by:
Creating and heightening our clients’ YouTube channel by inviting people from their network to our clients Face Book page and to join them on YouTube.
Creating a LinkedIn profile and group and inviting members who are interested in our clients’ products and services.
Inviting people from our clients’ Twitter account to join them on YouTube and promoting their YouTube channel across a brand new LinkedIn community.
Contact us today for a free consultation and to see how we can help you market your project.