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There are thousands of marketing and lead generation companies in the market that may deliver thousands of names right to your inbox. These names are then supplied to property company marketing departments and or representatives for contact. In most cases information is sent to the interested name but the sales process ends there. Maybe a follow up email is sent or on a rare occasion a telephone call may be made to the Prequalified Verified Property Investment Purchaser. That’s where the possible relationship ends! Property representatives are face-to-face salespeople and generally depend upon referrals or customers calling or walking into the office. Most operate best in a hot property market. Villa Information Services International Incorporated provides educated, interested high net worth visitors’ who already know what properties they want to see.

Villa Information Services International Incorporated takes it one step further. As soon as a Prequalified Verified Property Investment Purchaser name is uncovered a telephone relationship is begun.

Cold calling purchased lists and Social Media prospects leading to a cultivated telephone based relationship to setup an eventual appointment for property purchase presentations with our clients.

One-page mail drops are also used into selected markets to generate interest and create initial contact.

Call 1 – Property information service introduction, judge client interest in receiving information about the selected market. This call also intended to qualify client details (address, phone numbers, email address etc.), property knowledge and ability to buy a property with a minimum price tag of 500,000.00 Euro if interest exists. Villa Information Services International Incorporated highlights the Spanish property market.

Call 1 – Documents Sent to Client - business card, introduction to Spanish Property Market one-page brochure, Spanish economy statistics one-page brochure, Spanish property investment one-page brochure and a one-page brochure highlighting examples of properties that have been sold recently at discounted prices and then re-rented by Villa Information Services International Incorporated with a sample financial statement included.

Call 2 – Confirmation of client receipt of documents, qualification of prospect buyer address for hard copy mailings, summary of Spanish Property property purchase benefits, check with prospective buyer to see if they have been paying attention to Spanish Property emails that have been sent, price range qualification up to 500,000.00 Euro or more including examples of ridiculous discounted property sales or auctions.

Call 2 – Documents sent to client by email – Confirmation of address for hard copy mail out, links to specific properties for sale based upon client interest.
Call 3 – Attempt to arrange for time, date and accommodation specifics for Prequalified Verified Property Investment Purchasers visit into Spain with an itinerary of events and side events.

Sales, marketing and all related components need to work together to ensure success, including telemarketing and Internet marketing. Anything less could result in disappointing results. At Villa Information Services International Incorporated, success is not negotiable. Our flawless track record is proof of it. We want nothing less than incredible levels of consumer awareness and record-breaking sales for your company. We will personally look after the Prequalified Verified Property Investment Purchasers every step of the way and including picking them up at the airport and introducing the delights of Costa del Sol living. Give us a challenge and we'll rise to exceed expectations. Why? Because there's a reason we're the best marketing firm in the industry.

Ask yourself this: are your sales, marketing and operations teams working together in sync? If not, they need to be. Integration of these three important pieces is critical to the overall success of your project. Marketing needs to support sales and vice versa. Villa Information Services International Incorporated helps leverage your time and experience so the success of your business is never left to chance.

Give your online and traditional global marketing the best chance for success. We invite you to contact us today to see how we can assist in the management of your project. We've helped clients all over the world, and we can help YOU with your project management.
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